For preparing soap in the laboratory we require an oil and a base. Which of the following combinations of an oil and a base would be best suited for the preparation of soap?
  1. Castor oil and calcium hydroxide
  2. Turpentine oil and sodium hydroxide
  3. Castor oil and sodium hydroxide
  4. Mustard oil and calcium hydroxide

Correct Answer: (c) Castor oil and sodium hydroxide  

Explanation: Castor in soaps contributes to fluffy, stable lather, conditioning, moisturizing, quicker trace, softer soap. 

Turpentine is for medicinal and mustard oil is used for cooking. Sodium hydroxide is a strong base soluble in water. However, calcium is not preferred as it forms scum. 

Therefore, castor oil and sodium hydroxide are best suited for soap.


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