Fill in the blanks.
(a) Burning of wood and coal causes _____ of air.
(b) A liquid fuel, used in homes is ______
(c) Fuel must be heated to its ______ before it starts burning.
(d) Fire produced by oil cannot be controlled by ______

Fill in the blanks.

(a) Burning of wood and coal causes pollution of air.

(b) A liquid fuel, used in homes is LPG.

(c) Fuel must be heated to its ignition temperature before it starts burning.

(d) Fire produced by oil cannot be controlled by water.

[Extra information: LPG is liquified petroleum gas. LPG is better domestic fuel than wood because it does not produce gases, nor does it leave any residue behind. Moreover, it has more calorific value than wood. The advantages of using LPG are given below:
  • They burn with a smokeless flame and so does not cause any pollution.
  • They leave no ash on burning.
  • They are easy to handle and convenient to store.

 CNG is compressed natural gas. CNG consists primarily of methane but also contains ethane, propane and heavier hydrocarbons. Natural gas is very important fossil fuel because it is easy to transport through pipes. It can be used as fuel in homes and factoriesIt is also used as a starting material for the manufacture of a number of chemicals and fertilizers. It is advantageous to use CNG as a fuel because it is less polluting than petrol. It is a clean burning fuel. It produces 45% less hydrocarbons than petrol. The great advantage of CNG is that it can be used directly for burning in homes and factories where it can be supplied through pipes.]


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Updated on: 16-Mar-2023


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