Explain why some fibres are called synthetic?

Some fibres are made by human beings and are known as synthetic or man-made fibres. These fibres are artificially prepared using various chemicals based on petroleum. Synthetic fibres are made up of small units of substance that combine to form a large single unit called a polymer. 

[Extra information:

Some Advantages of Synthetic Fibres are :

1. Most fabrics made of synthetic fibres do not wrinkle easily.

2. Fabrics made of synthetic fibres are generally more durable, less expensive, and more readily available than those made of natural fibres.

3. Most synthetic fibres can handle heavy loads without breaking.

Some Disadvantages of Synthetic Fibres are :

1. Synthetic fibres do not absorb water or sweat. 

2. Synthetic fibres melt and burn easily.

3. Synthetic fibres on catching fire shrink forming beads which stick to the skin. Therefore it is not advisable to use clothes made from synthetic fibres while working near flame/fire, such as, in the kitchen. 

4. Synthetic fibres are non-biodegradable. They cause soil pollution.]


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