Explain types of combustion?

Combustion is actually a scientific term for burning. Combustion is a chemical process where any fuel has a reaction with air (oxidant) to produce heat energy.

it is given by :

Hydrocarbon + Oxygen → Carbon Dioxide + Water + Heat Energy

Types of Combustion are given below:-

1. Complete Combustion

One of the types of combustion is Complete Combustion. Complete combustion occurs in an unlimited supply of air, oxygen in particular.

Example: burning of a candle.

2. Incomplete Combustion

Incomplete combustion takes place when the air is in limited supply. It is dirt combustion, due to lack of oxygen, the fuel will not react completely, which in turn, produces carbon monoxide and soot instead of carbon dioxide.

Example: burning of paper.

3. Rapid Combustion

Another type of combustion is Rapid Combustion. Rapid energy needs external heat energy for the reaction to occur. The combustion produces a large amount of heat and light energy and does so rapidly. The combustion will carry on as long as the fuel is available.

Example: lightning of a candle.

4. Spontaneous Combustion

As the name suggests the combustion occurs spontaneously. This means that it requires no external energy for the combustion to start. It happens due to self-heating. A substance with low-ignition temperatures gets heated and this heat is unable to escape.

5.Explosive combustion

Explosive Combustion happens when the reaction occurs very rapidly. The reaction occurs when something ignites to produce heat, light and sound energy.

Example- firecrackers.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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