Explain the procedure to solve word problems in Algebra with an example.

Steps involved in solving a word problem:

  1. Write what is given and what is required.
  2. Denote the unknowns by the variables as x, y, etc.
  3. Change the problem into a problem of mathematical statements.
  4. Form the linear equation in one variable using the conditions given in the problems.
  5. Solve the equation for the unknown.

Example :

Form a linear equation from the given statement: ‘When 5 is added to twice a number, it gives 11.’

Let the number be x. Twice the number is $2 x$, and it is added to 5, $2 x +5$.

Which is equal to 11.

$2(x)+5 = 11$


$2x + 5 = 11$ is the required equation.


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