Explain the method that can be used for separating the following mixture:
(i) Sand and husk
(ii) Wheat, sugar and stalk(iii) Water and petrol(iv) Rice and salt(v) Sand and salt

(i) Mixture of sand and husk: Sand and husk can be separated by the method of winnowing.

(ii) Mixture of wheat, sugar and stalk: For separating the stalk from the mixture we should follow the winnowing method.
Wheat and sugar can be separated by sieving because they are in different sizes.

(iii) Mixture of water and petrol: Water does not dissolve in petrol. So, it can be separated by the use of a separating funnel.

(iv) Mixture of rice and salt: Rice and salt can be separated by sieving.

(v) Mixture of sand and salt: Sand and salt is mixed with water, salt dissolves in water and sand can be separated solution by sedimentation and decantation followed by filtration. After that using evaporation common salt is separated.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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