Explain the applications of transposition in simple equation ?

Applications of  transposition in  simple equations :

                    We can use transposition method in application of simple equation.

When a term moves (transposes) to the other side of the equation, its operation changes to the inverse operation.

The inverse operation of an addition is a subtraction. Multiplication and division are inverse operations.

  • An addition changes to a subtraction

$x + 1 = 3$


$+1$ moves to right side and becomes $-1$


  $ x = 3 – 1$

  • A subtraction changes to an addition

$x – 2 = 5$

 $-2$ moves to right side and becomes $+2$

$ x = 5 +2$ 

  • A multiplication changes to a division.

$x\times 3 = 4$

3 will be in denominator, when it comes to he opposite side

$x = \frac{4}{3}$

  • A division changes to multiplication.

$\frac{x}{7} = 1$

7 will be in numerator when it comes to the opposite side

$x = 1\times 7$

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