Explain in brief the different types of 'movable joints' in the human body.

Synovial joints are also known as movable joints, are those joints that are capable of moving in a variety of directions (allow mobility). 

There are six different types of synovial/movable joints found in the human body. They are as follows:

1.Hinge joints (found in knee, elbow, and finger joints)

2.Ball-and-socket joints (found in shoulder and hip joints) 

3.Plane joints (found in some joints in the foot and wrist)

4.Condyloid joints (found in the wrist joint)

5.Pivot joints (found in the first and second vertebrae of the neck that allows the head to move back and forth)

6.Saddle joints (found in the base of the thumb)


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Updated on: 27-Apr-2023


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