Explain how fertilisers are different from manure.

Manure is a natural substance that is obtained by the decomposition of dead wastes of plants, humans and animals, excreta, and other wastes. 

Fertilizers are chemical compounds that include salts or organic compounds like urea, ammonium sulfate, sodium nitrate, etc. which is necessary for plant nutrients such as nitrogen phosphorus or potassium.

The difference between Fertilizer and Manure are as follows:


1. It is Natural Substances. 

1. It may be an artificial (chemical) or natural substance.
2. It provides a lot of humus to the soil.
2. It doesn't provide any humus to the soil.
3. It is absorbed slowly by the plants.
3. It is easily absorbed by the plants.
4. It is prepared in the field.
4. It is prepared in the factories.
5. It is not very rich in essential plant nutrients.
5. It is rich in plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium.
6. It improves the quality of soil and doesn't cause any harm to the organisms.
6. It harms the organisms present in the soil and also causes health problems to the consumer of the crops.
7. It is cheap.
7. It is costly.
8. Example- Green Manure, Compost Manure.
8. Example- Urea, Super Phosphate.


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Updated on: 30-Mar-2023


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