Draw any line segment $ \overline{\mathrm{AB}} $. Mark any point $ \mathrm{M} $ on it. Through $ \mathrm{M} $, draw a perpendicular to $ \overline{\mathrm{AB}} $. (use ruler and compasses)

To do:

We have to draw a perpendicular to $\overline{AB}$.


Steps of construction:

(i) Let us draw a line segment $\overline{AB}$ and mark a point M on it.

(ii) Now, by taking M as a centre let's draw an arc intersecting the line segment $\overline{AB}$ and name the intersecting points as C and D respectively.

(iii) Now, by pointing the pointer of the compasses at C as the centre with a measure of radius greater than C to M let's draw an arc.

(iv) Similarly, by pointing the pointer at D as the centre with the same measure let's draw another arc. let these two arcs intersect each other at point E.

(v) Then, join the points M and E.

(vi) Therefore, $\overline{EM}$ is perpendicular to $\overline{AB}$.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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