Differentiate between the following.
  1. Rectilinear motion and curvilinear motion
  2. Rotational motion and circular motion
  3. Periodic motion and random motion

The difference between Rectilinear Motion and Curvilinear Motion is given below:

Rectilinear Motion
Curvilinear Motion

1. When an object moves in a straight line, then it is said to be in a rectilinear motion.

1. When an object moves along a curved path, then it is said to be in a curvilinear motion.

2. Example: A bus moving on a straight road.

2. Example: A bus taking a turn.

The difference between Rotational Motion and Circular Motion is given below:

Rotational Motion
Circular Motion

1. It is the motion in which a body rotates on its own axis.

1. It is the motion in which a body just moves in a circle and always has a starting point to which it will eventually return. 

2. Example- Moving of earth on its own axis, Spinning top.

2. Example: Motion of the earth around the sun in a circular orbit, the motion of a bike along a curved path.

The difference between Periodic Motion and Random Motion is given below:

Periodic Motion
Random Motion

1. It is a motion that repeats itself at regular periods of time.

1. It is a motion that does not repeat itself at regular periods of time.

2. Example- Movement of earth, A pendulum clock.

2. Example: The motion of insects and birds.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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