Describe the process of the formation of yarn from cotton wool.

Cotton wool is obtained from cotton plants. The cotton plants are grown in fields. They are usually grown in places having black soil and a warm climate. The flowers of the cotton plants called cotton bolls are about the size of lemons.

The steps of the formation of Yarn from cotton bolls are given below:

  • After maturing, the bolls burst open and seeds covered with cotton fibres can be seen. From the cotton bolls, cotton is picked by hand.
  • Fibres are then separated from the seeds by combing. This process is called ginning of cotton.
  • It is done by hand or by machines. These fibres are then converted into yarn.
  • The process of making of fabric can be written as the following: fibre → yarn → fabric.
  • The process of converting fibre into fabric involves spinning and weaving or knitting.
  • Spinning includes the process of making thread out of raw fibre. The process uses fibres from a mass of cotton wool which is drawn out and twisted. Through this fibres come together to form a yarn.
  • Different varieties and colours are yarns used to make a fabric.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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