Define motion. What do you understand by the terms ‘uniform motion’ and ‘non-uniform motion’ ? Explain with examples.
(a) Define speed. What is the SI unit of speed ?
(b) What is meant by (i) average speed, and (ii) uniform speed ?

Motion: If a body is changing its position with time with respect to a fixed object, then the body is said to be in motion. Below are the examples of motion:

1. Car moving on the road

2. Train to move on the track

Uniform motion: When a moving body covers equal distance in equal intervals of time, its motion is known as uniform motion.

Non-uniform Motion: When a moving body covers unequal distance within equal intervals of time, its motion is known as non-uniform motion.

(a). Speed: The distance covered by a moving object per unit of time is known as the speed of the moving object. SI unit of speed is $m/s$ or $ms^{-1}$.

(b).  (i) Average speed: Average speed of a moving body is the total distance divided by total time.

(ii). Uniform speed: If there is no change in the speed of a moving body with time, then its speed is called uniform speed. 


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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