Conduct a survey in your neighbourhood to find out what the three most common diseases are. Suggest three steps that could be taken by your local authorities to bring down the incidence of these diseases.

The most common diseases spread in my neighborhood are malaria, typhoid, and dysentery.

The steps that could be taken by local authorities to bring down the incidences of these diseases are:

(i) Provision of potable drinking water.

(ii) Cleaning of drains and spraying of insecticides at regular intervals.

(iii) Proper disposal of garbage and sanitization of roads and streets.

A few points for disease-free and healthy living are,

1. Get checkups on a regular basis. This makes the disease easier to treat and helps doctors find it early on. So, we can make sure to get screening tests for our health.

2. People's lives are shorter and worse if they smoke. Giving up this habit will definitely make this person's life better and keep their body from getting any more serious infections.

3. We stay active by working out every day. It also gives us energy and helps us stay healthy.

4. A healthy diet is an important part of staying healthy and avoiding diseases. Eating food that is healthy and full of nutrients keeps us in good shape and keeps us from getting sick.

5. One big reason for heart problems and high cholesterol is being overweight. Getting rid of the extra weight can make us less likely to get sick.


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