Bus X travels a distance of 360 km in 5 hours whereas bus Y travels a distance of 476 km in 7 hours. Which bus travels faster ?

For bus X:

Distance travelled $d_x=360\ km$

Time taken to travel $t_x=5\ hr$

Therefore, speed of the bus X $=\frac{distance}{time}=\frac{d_x}{t_x}$$

$=\frac{360\ km}{5\ hr}$

$=72\ km/hr$

For bus Y:

Distance travelled $d_y=476\ km$

Time taken $t_y=7\ hr$

Therefore, speed $=\frac{distance}{time}=\frac{d_y}{t_y}$

$=\frac{476\ km}{7\ hr}$

$=68\ km/hr$

Therefore, we find speed of bus X more than that of bus Y.

Therefore, bus X is moving faster than bus Y.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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