Blue litmus paper is dipped in a solution, it remains blue what is its nature?

A solution which does not change the colour of blue litmus paper can be either basic or neutral in nature.


Test: The nature of the solution can be confirmed by placing a drop on red litmus paper.

Observation: If the colour change to blue then the solution is basic and if no colour change is observed, the solution is neutral in nature.

[Recapitulation: Litmus is a natural indicator and is used to test materials for acidity and basicity. This solution can also be used to differentiate between acids and bases. When acid is added to a litmus solution, it changes to red. When a base is added, it changes to blue. Neutral litmus paper is purple in colour.

A natural Indicator is a type of indicator that can be found naturally and can help us to know whether the material tested is an acidic substance or a basic substance.

Some examples of natural indicators other than litmus are:  red cabbage, turmeric, turnip skin, curry powder, etc.]


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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