(a) Label the parts A

Based on the given diagram answer the questions are given below:(a) Label the parts A

(a) Correct answers are:

A: Ureter,

B: Seminal Vesicle,

C: Urethra, and

D: Vas Deferens.

(b) Testosterone is the hormone secreted by the testis.

The functions of the male hormone, testosterone, are:

(i) It stimulates the production of the male gametes known as sperms.

(ii) It stimulates the development of the secondary sexual characteristics of males such as body hair, development of muscles, etc.

(iii) Plays an important role in the development, maturation, and functioning of accessory sex organs like vas deferens and seminal vesicles.

(c) The functions of the seminal vesicle and urethra in the process of reproduction are:

Seminal vesicle: Secretion of the seminal vesicle is in the form of fluid seminal plasma that makes the transport of sperms lubricated and smooth.

Urethra: It is the common tube that allows the passage of urine as well as semen containing sperms outside the human body.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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