Fill in the blanks:
(a) Cleaning of water is process of removing __________
(b) Wastewater released by houses is called __________.
(c) Dried __________ is used as manure.
(d) Drains get blocked by __________ and __________.

(a) Cleaning of water is process of removing contaminants.

(b) Wastewater released by houses is called sewage.

(c) Dried dung is used as manure.

(d) Drains get blocked by plastic and sludge.

[Extra information: Water cleaning is the process of eliminating all undesirable elements from water, like biological contaminants, dust, pollutants, dirt, etc.

Manure is organic matter (most likely dried animal droppings) that is used as organic fertilizer in agriculture, as it is good for the soil.

Sludge: The settled solids that are removed in wastewater treatment with a scraper are known as sludge. If this is poured into the drain along with other contaminants, it will most likely block the drains.

Wastewater: Water from the kitchen used for washing dishes, etc. is known as wastewater.

Sewage: Wastewater released from homes, industries, hospitals and other public buildings is known as sewage. The process of wastewater treatment is known as sewage treatment.]


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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