(a) With the help of a labelled diagram, explain the construction and working of a solar cooker.

(b) Why is the solar cooker box painted black from inside?
(c) Why is the solar cooker box covered with a glass sheet?

(a) Labelled diagram of a solar cooker is given below.  



To construct a solar cooker a mirror, an insulated metal box which is painted all black from inside, a wooden box and a thick glass lid are required.

The mirror (reflector) is mounted on the box so that sun’s rays fall on it, and the concentrated light rays reflected onto the cooker box. The metal box is painted black from the inside to absorb the maximum light. It is covered with a glass sheet cover (or, lid) to keep heat inside it. The metal box is surrounded by an insulated wooden box having thermocol lining inside it so that the metal box can be protected and remain heated.


A solar cooker device works on the phenomenon of the greenhouse effect.

At first, the food to be cooked is put in metal containers which are painted black from the outside. These metal containers are then placed inside the solar cooker box covered with the glass sheet (lid). Now, the sunlight falls on the reflector, gets reflected from the reflector mounted on the box to a small area where the cooking container is placed. This focussed light from the sun passes through the lid and the heat present in the light get absorbed by the black painted metal box. The glass lid prevents heat trapped inside, from being reflected back. Thus, the food gets cooked inside the solar box.

(b) A solar cooker box is painted black from the inside because black colour is a good absorber of heat, so it traps the maximum rays from the sun.

(c) A solar cooker is covered with a glass sheet so that heat rays (or, infrared rays) from the sun can be trapped, and a greenhouse effect can be produced inside the cooker.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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