(a) What is solar constant? What is the value of solar constant?
(b) If the energy received by 5 m2 area in 10 minutes is 4200 kJ, calculate the value of solar constant.

(a) The amount of solar energy received per second on one square metre area of the near-earth space (exposed perpendicularly to the sun rays) at an average distance between the sun and the earth is called the solar constant.

Its value is 1.4 kJ/s/m2 or 1.4 kW/m2.

(b) Given,

     Area = 5 m2

     Time = 10 min = 10 × 60 sec = 600 sec (converted minute into second)

     Energy = 4200 kJ

     Solar constant = ?


We know that,

$Solar\ constant=\frac{Energy}{Area\times Time}$

                           $=\frac{4200}{5\times 600}$




Thus, the value of solar constant will be 1.4kW/m2.         


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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