(a) Explain the term 'fertilisation'.(b) Give some examples of different modes of fertilisation in nature?(c) What type of fertilisation takes place in (i) fish, and (ii) birds?

(a) Fertilization is the process in which the nuclei of the egg and sperm unite together in the fallopian tube to form a single-celled zygote.

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(b) There are two modes of fertilisation-
1. External fertilisation - It is the process of fusion of sperm with the egg outside the body. Ex- Fishes and Frogs.
2. Internal fertilisation - It is the process of fusion of sperm with an egg inside the female body. Ex- Humans, Dogs, etc.

(c) (i) In fish, external fertilisation takes place.
    (ii) In birds, internal fertilisation takes place. 


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Updated on: 23-Mar-2023


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