(a) Explain the pH change as the cause of tooth decay. How can tooth decay caused by pH change be prevented?
(b) Explain how pH change in the lake water can endanger the lives of aquatic animals (like fish). What can be done to lessen the danger to the lives of aquatic animals in the lake?

(a)Tooth decay starts when the pH in the mouth falls below 5.5. It causes acidity and tooth decay starts. Acids can decay any material even if it is hard as the enamel of the tooth.
Tooth decay can be prevented by brushing two times a day after having food. Toothpaste containing more basicity can be used for brushing the teeth to prevent tooth decay.

(b) The pH of water is 7. Rainwater has a pH of 5.6. Due to acid rain, the acidity of river and lake water increases. The animals living in the water(like fishes) face more problems living in water having a low pH.
In order to lessen the danger to the lives of aquatic animals in the lake, bases like calcium carbonate can be added to the water to neutralize the excess acidity caused by acid rain.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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