(a) Define magnetic field lines. Describe an activity to draw a magnetic field line outside a bar magnet from one pole to another pole.
(b) Explain why a freely suspended magnet always points in the north-south direction.

(a) Magnetic field linesalso known as magnetic lines of force are the space around a magnet wherein magnetic force can be felt.

  • Take a small compass and a bar magnet. 
  • Using an adhesive material, place the bar magnet in a fixed position on the drawing board.
  • The boundary of the magnet should be marked. The compass can be moved from one pole of the bar magnet to another pole.
  • The compass should be placed near the north pole of the magnet. The south pole of the needle points towards the north pole of the magnet.
  • We can trace the field lines by moving the compass gradually and drawing a corresponding line which the compass would trace while following a particular line of force.
  • At last, we will get a magnetic field pattern, a smooth curve showing magnetic field lines leaving the north pole of the magnet and enter its south pole.
(b) A freely suspended magnet always points towards the north-south direction because our Earth behaves as a magnet. 
The magnet points towards the south pole in the geographical north and the north pole in its geographical south.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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