Abida and Ramesh were doing an experiment in which water was to be heated in a beaker. Abida kept the beaker near the wick in the yellow part of the candle flame. Ramesh kept the beaker in the outermost part of the flame. Whose water will get heated in a shorter time?

The yellow part of the flame is the middlemost part where Abida has kept the beaker. The fuel vapours burn partially in the middle zone because there is not enough air of burning in this zone. The partial burning of fuel in the middle zone produces carbon particles. It has a moderate temperature. Hence, Abida’s beaker will take time to heat up.

Ramesh’s beaker is kept in the outermost part of the flame. In this zone, complete combustion of the fuel takes place because there is plenty of air around it. The outermost zone has the highest temperature in the flame as it is the hottest part of the flame. Hence Ramesh’s beaker gets heated in a shorter time.

[Extra information: When any substances are burnt with the help of oxygen, a hot luminous gas emerges. This gas is called flame.

Examples include kerosene oil, and wax.



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Updated on: 16-Mar-2023


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