(a) What is the function of our nervous system?(b) What are the main organs of the human nervous system? Draw a labelled diagram to show the main organs of the human nervous system.(c) How does the human nervous system work? Explain.

(a) The function of the nervous system is to coordinate or establish the communication system between the organs of our body. The nervous system regulates all the other systems of our body to work together.

(b) The main organs of the human nervous system are the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves.

(c) When the sense organs such as eyes, ears, nose, tongue or skin are affected ​in our body, a message is sent to the brain via electrical impulses through the sensory neurons. The brain reads and analyses the signal and decides the necessary action to be carried out. Then the brain sends out the instructions to the muscles of the concerned body part through the motor neurons. The concerned body part, then, acts according to the instructions sent by the brain. 


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Updated on: 23-Mar-2023


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