(a) What is lymph ? State two major functions of lymph.
(b) What is meant by saying that the blood pressure of a person is 120/80 ?

(a) Lymph is a light yellow liquid that circulates in the human body and flows only in one direction - from body tissues to the heart.
The functions of lymph are:
(i) Lymph protects the body by killing the germs drained out of the body tissues with the help of lymphocytes contained in the lymph nodes, by making antibodies.
(ii) Lymph helps in removing the waste products like fragments of dead cells etc.

(b) The meaning of blood pressure of a person is 120/80 is that the systolic pressure of the blood is 120 mm Hg and diastolic pressure is 80 mm Hg.


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Updated on: 24-Mar-2023


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