A submarine starts moving down in water at the rate of $ 7 \mathrm{m} / \mathrm{min} $. If the descent starts from $ 10 \mathrm{m} $
above a depth of 60 m, how will this distance be represented? How much time will the submarine take to reach this level?

Given: A submarine starts moving down in the water at a rate of 7m/min, it starts descending  from 10m/min above a depth of 60m

To Do: Find the time which will be taken by the submarine to reach  the level of 10m


Depth of $60m = -60m$

The descent of the submarine starts at 10 m

above a depth of 60m which is a depth of 50m or 


The distance the submarine has to travel is

$-60 - (-50) = -60 = 50 = -10$m meaning it has to

descend a depth of 10 m

Time taken to travel this distance of 10m

= $\frac{Distance}{speed} = \frac{10}{7}$ = 1$\frac{3}{7}$ min = 1. 43 minutes


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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