A part of the early classification of elements has been given below:

H     Li     Be     B     C     N     OF     Na     Mg     Al     Si     P     S
(a) Which law of classification of element is illustrated by the above arrangement of elements?
(b) Name the scientist who proposed such a classification of elements.
(c) Why is such a classification of elements compared with a characteristics of musical scale?
(d) State one limitation of this classification of elements.

(a) Newlands' law of octaves is illustrated by the above arrangement of elements.

(b) John Newlands proposed this law of octaves classification of elements.

(c) This classification is compared with a characteristic of the musical scale because the repetition of the properties of elements is just like the repetition of the eighth note in an octave of music.

(d) Limitation of the law of octaves: Newlands' law of octaves could only be applied up to the element calcium.


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