(a) Describe the process of nutrition in Amoeba. Draw labelled diagrams to show the various steps in the nutrition in Amoeba.
(b) What is the mode of nutrition in Amoeba known as?
(c) What is the process of obtaining food by Amoeba called? What does it mean?

(a)Nutrition in amoeba involves the following steps:
(i) Ingestion-  Amoeba has no mouth so it ingests the food by using its pseudopodia. The food is engulfed with little water thus forming a food vacuole.
(ii) Digestion-  The food is digested by digestive enzymes present in the cytoplasm which breaks the food into small soluble molecules by chemical reactions.
(iii) Absorption- The digested food is absorbed directly into the cytoplasm by diffusion. The digested food spreads out from the food vacuole into the whole cell. The food vacuole disappears after absorption.
(iv) Assimilation- Food is used to obtain energy and growth of the organism.
(v) Egestion- The undigested food collects inside the cell. When the cell membrane ruptures, the undigested food is thrown out of the body.

(b) The mode of nutrition in amoeba is the holozoic mode of nutrition. In this mode of nutrition in the digestion of food is allowed only after the ingestion of food.

(c) The process of obtaining food by amoeba is called Phagocytosis. In this process, a cell engulfs a particle and digests it.


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Updated on: 27-Mar-2023


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