Outline a project which aims to find the dominant coat color in dogs.

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To determine the dominant coat color in dogs, the homozygous male (BB) is crossed with the homozygous female (bb), and the coat color in the resulting progeny of the dog is studied.

There are two possibilities:

(i) If all the offsprings (progeny) are of black coat, then black will be the dominant coat color in dogs.

(ii) If all the offsprings (progeny) are of brown coat, then brown will be the dominant coat color.

Mendel's law of dominance:

In heterozygotes, one trait will suppress the expression of another trait for the same characteristics. 

An allele that expresses its characteristics in all situations (homozygous or heterozygous) is known as a dominant allele, and an allele that is expressed only in its pure form is known as a recessive allele.

Dominant genes are the genes that are expressed in offspring, whether they are present in a heterozygous form (Tt) or homozygous (TT) form.

For example, in the height of the plant, 'T' denotes tallness and 't' denotes dwarfness of the plant. T is dominant over t in the pea plant.

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