Organizational Behaviour, HR & Leadership

Learn the Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour, HRM and Leadership


Are you interested in a career within the world of Organizational Behaviour, HR and Leadership?

You have come to the right place! Learn the principles of Organizational Behaviour, HR and Leadership here.

Throughout this course, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of corporate behaviour, human resource management and leadership viewed from the perspective of the business manager. We will study five main areas:

1. An introduction to Organizational Behavior, HRM and Leadership - Organizational Behaviour, Leadership and Human Resource Management.

2. Motivating Individuals – Theories of Motivation, Motivation and Remuneration, Motivating Millennials and Post-Millennials, Herzberg Two-Factor Theory and Career Anchors.

3. Performance Management – Learn Performance Management, The PM Cycle, Approaches to Performance Management, Dealing with Poor Performance, Managing Stars and Why PM Fails.

4. Leadership Approaches – Leadership Roles Management vs. Leadership, Approaches to Leadership, The Lewin Leadership Roles, The Black-Mountain Managerial Grid, Path-Goal Theory, The Flamholtz and Randle Leadership Style Matrix, Six Emotional Leadership Styles, Transformational and Transactional Leadership, Situational Leadership, Charismatic Leadership and Servant Leadership. 

5. Managing Change and Crisis – Integration: Managing Change and Crisis, The McKinsey 7S Model, Employee-Focused Change, The Deming Cycle, Revolutionary Change and Disruption, Employee-Focused Change, Foundations for a Successful Change and Crisis Management, Steps in Managing a Crisis.

Each of these segments includes practical cases and quizzes aiming to strengthen your knowledge.

Follow along as we provide you with the skills to effectively evaluate, manage, and design the knowledge and functions to contribute to a firm’s future organizational behaviour, human resources and leadership direction through applying modern thought.

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  • In this course you will learn to conduct research to understand theories and principles underpinning the behaviour of people in organisations to make informed decisions about how to behave in a given circumstance
  • In this course you will learn to investigate and evaluate every key challenges faced by business when managing people and be able to identify and employ techniques for managing individuals, teams and organisations
  • In this course you will learn about the industrial relations environment in which business operates, and be able to evaluate and develop strategies that ensure compliance
  • This course equips you with the knowledge to critically analyse and evaluate your behaviour as a leader and develop the ability to adapt your behaviour to best suit the context in which you are operating
  • In this course you will learn to critically evaluate and synthesise information from a wide range of sources to demonstrate research skills, show initiative in consulting the academic literature and demonstrate the capacity to document the research outcom


  • Computer with an Internet connection.
  • PDF reading software, such as free Adobe Reader.
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  • Lecture 1.1: Organizational Behaviour and Leadership
  • Lecture 1.2: Organisation Behaviour
  • Lecture 1.4: Human Resource Management Part 1
  • Lecture 1.5: Human Resource Management Part 2
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Organizational Behaviour, HR & Leadership
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