Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher Training

Practical course on Oracle BI Publisher from installation to creating/scheduling complex reports and BIP administration.


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   Published on 12/2021



A warm welcome to the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher course by Uplatz.

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, popularly known as Oracle BI Publisher, is an advanced reporting solution that helps users in creating, managing and delivering documents or reports faster than traditional tools. You can use your familiar web browser and desktop tools to design interactive documents and reports from multiple data sources. Users can also schedule their reports to be delivered to various destinations (fax, printer, email etc.) as per their business requirements. View reports over the net or schedule and deliver thousands of reports per hour while putting little impact on transactional systems.

Reporting solutions have been made easier since the inception of Oracle BI publisher tool. Traditional reporting tools tend to take up a vast amount of time for creating the multiple data reports uses a lot of space. BI publisher manages as well as authors and delivers reports in an instant and doesn’t utilize large storage space. BI publisher is able to merge multiple data sources into the single output document. BI publisher is essential as it separates the formation of the data from the extensive process of formatting it for different uses.

Uplatz offers this in-depth training course on Oracle BI Publisher focusing on practical hands-on demonstration of Oracle BI Publisher concepts and the application of the tool. This BI Publisher course teaches the implementation of core Oracle Business Intelligence practices you need to work successfully with BI Publisher.  This course will cover the different options available within the BI Publisher Enterprise reporting portal and how to create a BI Publisher Enterprise online reporting application from scratch.

Oracle BI Publisher course curriculum

1. Overview

2. Installation

3. General Navigation and Preference

  • Create a new folder

  • Uploading a Resource to Catalog

  • Setting My Account Preferences

  • Configuring Data Sources

  • Creating a Data Model

4. Creating Reports

  • Creating a new report

  • Creating a report using report editor

  • Viewing a report in interactive view

  • Creating a Report Job

  • Managing Report Job

  • Connecting to an Email Server

  • Inserting Gauge Chart or a Pivot Table

5. Reports using RTF Template

  • Building RTF Template in offline mode

  • Building an RTF Template in Online Model

  • Using Template builder utility - Validate Template

  • Using Template builder utility - Field Browser

  • Using Template builder utility - Check Accessibility

6. Administering BI Publisher

Key Objectives of Oracle BI Publisher Training

  • Understand and apply the uses and concepts of BI Publisher

  • Create BI Publisher templates

  • Create and maintain reports using BI Publisher Enterprise

  • Create and run reports interactively

  • Schedule and deliver reports to recipients

  • Gain knowledge on X standards

  • Create and apply templates for rich text format (RTF) and portable document format (PDF) formats

  • Set up and configure enterprise server of BI Publisher

  • Easily analyze data and schedule reports

  • Explore advanced topics in BI Publisher

  • Create reports effortlessly based on files, really simple syndication (RSS) feeds and web services

  • Create data templates for eXtensible Markup Language (XML)

Why should you learn Oracle BI Publisher?

  • The demand for Oracle BI Publishers is increasing day by day thus creating numerous job opportunities around the world

  • Oracle BI Publisher developers are getting higher salaries compared to professionals working on other technologies

  • The average salary of an Oracle BI Publisher developer is about $126,400 per year (source: Glassdoor)

Who this course is for:

  • Oracle BI Technical Consultants
  • Oracle Developers - BI Publisher - PL/SQL
  • Beginners & newbies interested in Reporting/Publishing technologies
  • Oracle BI Consultants
  • Individuals aspiring for a career in Oracle and Business Intelligence
  • Oracle BI Publisher Developers
  • OBIEE Technical Developers
  • Oracle Cloud Report Developers
  • BI Professionals
  • Business & Technical Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Application Developers

What Will I Get ?

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher

  • Learn to completely administer Oracle BI Publisher

  • Learn to Install and Configure Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Enterprise Edition

  • Understand BI Publisher's General Navigation and Preferences

  • Learn how to configure Data Sources

  • Create Data Models, Reports using Report Editor

  • Learn to view a report in Interactive View

  • Learn how to utilize BI Publisher's features and ideas

  • Create and manage Report Jobs

  • Understand how to connect to an Email Server

  • Make templates for BI Publisher

  • Learn to interactively create and run reports

  • Understand how to insert Gauge Chart or a Pivot Table

  • Create Reports using RTF (rich text format) & PDF (portable document format) Templates - offline and online modes

  • Create reports quickly using files, RSS feeds, and online services

  • Create eXtensible Markup Language data templates (XML)

  • Learn about the X standards

  • Use Template Builder Utility

  • Prepare for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Certification

  • Make templates for BI Publisher

  • Explore complex subjects in BI Publisher


  • Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark on the world!

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Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher Training
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