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Openshift Comprehensive ++ Dev/Ops: Live Hands-on Katakoda
Learn Openshift 4.X+5 Hours course+Live Hands-on in Browser + CI/CD+Pipelines+Operators + Red Hat+Docker+Kubernetes+ Ops

    • Introduction to course
      4 Lectures
    • Basics of Openshift
      2 Lectures
    • OpenShift Architecture Concepts
      4 Lectures
    • Understanding Operators in Openshift
      2 Lectures
    • Getting Started with Openshift
      5 Lectures
    • Connecting to Openshift Clusters
      8 Lectures
    • Understanding basic K8s/Openshift Workloads before moving to Openshift
      7 Lectures
    • Start Building Applications in Openshift (Part1) : Understanding projects
      4 Lectures
    • Start Building Applications in Openshift (Part2) : Build Strategies
      6 Lectures
    • Start Building Applications in Openshift (Part3) : Understanding Entire Process
      15 Lectures
    • Roll-out/Deployments Strategies
      3 Lectures
    • CI/CD with Openshift
      9 Lectures
    • Final note to students
      1 Lectures
  • Description

    It is well known that the Red Hat Openshift Platform is the best choice for enterprises to manage container workload.

    Red Hat OpenShift Platform uses Kubernetes in its core and brings benefits in several areas of your enterprises, including:

    • Consolidation of workloads

    • Ease of management

    • High availability

    • Accelerated development processes

    With Kubernetes' sophistication however, comes the complexity too. Thats where Openshift becomes very relevant. Openshift simplified kubernetes deployment by abstracting away the complexity and by providing a simple, unified interface. It also gives you a complete Platform as a Service offering by packaging Kubernetes, Container Registry, Container Runtime, Build and pipelines tools including Jenkins and also creates best practices and integration out of box

    This course will guide not only to get theoretical knowledge in Openshift 4.X but it will let you implement your knowledge practically through guided exercises via Live Katakoda Scenerio's.

    Please feel free to look at course description and we Hope to see you inside course 

    What Will I Get ?

    • Openshift Basics & Architecture
    • Deploying an Application On Openshift
    • CI/CD with Openshift using Openshift Pipelines
    • Setup integration between Openshift and SCM
    • All basics and advanced concepts required for developing in Openshift
    • Practical hands on Live Cluster


    • Basic System Administration
    • Containers (Not Mandatory )
    • Basics of Kubernetes (Not Mandatory)
    • Laptop or PC or Mobile
    • Reliable Internet Connection
    • Basic YAML syntax
Openshift Comprehensive ++  Dev/Ops: Live Hands-on Katakoda
This Course Includes :

4 hours

70 Lectures

Lifetime Access

30-Days Money Back Guarantee


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