OpenCV Complete Dummies Guide to Computer Vision with Python

Includes all OpenCV Image Processing Features with Simple Examples. Deep Learning Face Detection, Face Recognition & OCR

  Abhilash Nelson

   Development, Data Science and AI ML, Python

  Language - English

   Published on 10/2019



Hello and let me welcome you to the magical world of Computer Vision.

Computer Vision is an AI based, that is, Artificial Intelligence based technology that allows computers to understand and label images. Its now used in Convenience stores, Driver-less Car Testing, Security Access Mechanisms, Policing and Investigations Surveillance, Daily Medical Diagnosis monitoring health of crops and live stock and so on and so forth..

Even to analyze data coming from outer space stars, planets etc also we use Computer Vision.

A common example will be face detection and unlocking mechanism that you use in your mobile phone. We use that daily. That is also a big application of Computer Vision. And today, top technology companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc are investing millions and millions of Dollars into Computer Vision based research and product development.

So.. Learning and mastering this fantastic world of Computer Vision based technology is surely up-market and it will make you proficient in competing with the swiftly changing Image Processing technology arena.

And this course is designed in such a way that even the very beginner to programming can master the Computer Vision based technology.

And by the end of this course, we will providing you with a course completion certificate which you can keep with you an mention it in your portfolio so that you will be having more weightage , when you are dealing with jobs based on Computer Vison Technology.

So without wasting much time, lets dive in to this magical world. See you soon in the class room. Have a great time. Bye Bye.

What Will I Get ?

  • Beginners who are interested in Computer Vision based technology. Developers who wish to use Computer Vision in their applications


  • A decent configuration computer to run Virtual Box and Linux. Only basic programming knowledge required
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