One way of making fabric from yarn is weaving, what is the other?

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Knitting is another way of making fabric from yarn.  The process by which a single yarn is used to make a piece of fabric is called knitting. It is done by the use of special needles known as knitting needles.

Knitting is created with loops, or stitches, that run together for the entire stretch of the item being made. A knitter uses two knitting needles to create these loops.  A knitted cloth can also be created with a knitting loom. The loom holds the yarns in places are the knitter moves the stitches between the loom pegs. These loops form a cloth that can be sewn together or attached to other cloths and yarns.

The following steps are involved in the preparation of fabrics:
  1. Obtaining fibre: Extraction of the fibre from its source (Plant or Animal)
  2. Preparation of yarn from fibres by spinning: A group of fibres extracted are twisted together (by the process of spinning) to form Yarn.
  3. When two sets of yarn are involved, yarns are woven on looms to make a fabric. When a single yam is used, the fabric is prepared by knitting: These yarns are twisted tightly and allowed to rotate on the different types of rollers, weaved and knitted to produce Fabrics.
  4. The fabrics produced are dyed: These fabrics are treated with chemicals in the textile industries to make different types of clothing materials. Later these are processed for bleaching to give a smooth, shiny look, colour dying to add colours and design the fabrics.

Hence to summarize the steps we can write:

Obtaining fibre


Preparation of yarn 


When two sets of yarn are involved, yarns are woven on looms to make a fabric.


The fabrics produced are dyed and treated with chemicals.
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