Observe the circuit gven in the figure.

Boojho set up this circuit for purification of copper. What will be the nature of – (a) plate A (b) plate B (c) and the solution.
Explain the process of purification."

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$(i)$. plate APure copper.

$(ii)$. plate BImpure copper.

$(iii)$. plate CCopper sulphate.

Here, the process of purification is Electroplating, which is done by transferring copper from the impure copper plate to the pure copper plate.

Take copper sulphate and two copper plates. Pour 250 mL of distilled water into a clean and dry beaker and dissolve two teaspoonfuls of copper sulphate in it. Add a few drops of dilute sulphuric acid to the copper sulphate solution, so that it becomes more conducting. Clean copper plates with sandpaper, rinse them with water, and dry them. Now, connect the copper plates to the terminals of a battery and immerse them in copper sulphate solution.
When an electric current is allowed to pass through the copper sulphate solution, copper sulphate dissociates into copper and sulphate. The free copper is drawn to the electrode connected to the negative terminal of the battery and gets deposited on it.
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