Nishika Lulla: A Stylist Fashion Designer

A fashion designer is one who takes part in designing attire, a trend, or a dressing style. They are usually unique. Different fashion designers have different kinds of thinking styles, and hence they make new models of dresses by using their utmost creativity and their profound knowledge of the streams of art and culture. Many fashion designers have used the fashion of our ancient culture and made modifications to it accordingly, and after that, they make new attire that may or may not impress the whole world. One of the most famous fashion designers is Nishika Lulla. Indeed, youth is the backbone of the growth of any aspect. This young fashion designer, Nishika Lulla, daughter of the most famous fashion designer, has paved her own path in the field of fashion design. She is the most famous costume designer in India, better known for her work in the field of designing clothes. This young girl has won a national award for her work in the field of costume design.

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This renowned designer was born in the streets of Mumbai into the most happening family in that town. Her mother, Neeta Lulla, is the most famous costume and fashion designer in the town, and her father, Dr. Shyam Lulla, is a psychiatrist. Her family lives on the premises of Film Town.

Her Path to Success

“My inspiration is my mom,” Neetha adds all the time when asked about her inspiration. She is better known for her footwear brand, “Mochi”. She got these habits inherited from her mother, who has immense experience in the field of costume designing.

Her Label

She initiated the launch of her own label at a very young age, maybe in the year 2009. This label has a big background behind it. This label has some more formal and funky clothing lines consisting of jumpsuits, dresses, shorts, and skirts. This most famous label of hers includes a wide range of categories that include bags, handbags, watches, and more accessories that do take up most of our lives.

Stylista-Her Online Brand

Her costume collection does have a better following among the youth. This lady designed some better forms of aesthetics, which gained more popularity among the ladies of her age mostly. For this reason, her craze over youth has gone to new heights. This has led to the creation of designing costumes for various kinds of people across the country through an online mode. She has gone through different ideologies of people her age and designed the dresses accordingly. This has benefited her from doing this. Many of her generation were used to purchasing the content available on her website, which she used to sell all of her collections, which had made her popular among people, especially those her age.

Her Honors and Achievements

Her costume collections have been exhibited in various places in the country due to her design and popularity. As said, her collections were exhibited in various parts of the country at the Lakme show during Lakme Fashion Week. She has won an award for her excellence in the fields of design and costume making. She has won an award for her creative excellence—Barbie Doll’d Up Show in the year 2009. The most interesting thing about her is that her costume designs are mostly put up at the Barbie museums at the international level.

Her Flagship

The flagship of Neeta Lulla has most of the fashion collections from those eras. Some of the places, like Samsara in Delhi and Aza in Delhi, used to have almost all the collections. Not only this, fuel in Pune too had the same kind of designs that the world had at that point in time.

Her Married Life

She was married to the most well-known entrepreneur of the estate, Dhruv Mehta, in the year 2015 at the Iskcon temple that is located in the town of Juhu. She is a great admirer of Sri Krishna. This had made her miss celebrating her marriage anniversary at the ISKCON temple. These two people met in the wedding period of some of their friends, and they got together during these times, which led to their marriage. For this marriage ceremony, Bollywood biggie Hema Malini made her presence known.


Nishika Lulla is the daughter of the most famous fashion designer, Lulla. Her father is one of the most famous psychiatrists. This has given her the freedom to do whatever she wants in her career. She has chosen fashion designing as her career even in this soft period of time. Her costumes have reached almost every part of the country. This has given her a pus point of not striving much to reach the audience. Her personal life includes being married to one of the well-known entrepreneurs in the country, Dhruv Mehta.


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