NIS Server with NTP and autofs on CentOS linux 8 /RHEL 8

NTP chrony, NIS and autofs configuration step by step on CentOS linux 8 and RHEL 8


Course Overview

1. Introduction

2. Lab Setup

  • VMware Workstation installation

  • CentOS linux 8 virtual machine installation on VMware Workstation

  • from Git Bash taking all VM's acess through SSH tool 

3. NTP or chrony 

  • chrony server and chrony client configuration 

4. NIS

  • NIS Server Configuration

  • NIS client Configuration

5. Autofs

  • from autofs mount users home directory (/home/user) to all client automatically 

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  • Configuration of NTP server and NTP client
  • Configuration of NIS server and NIS client
  • From autofs sharing folder /home to all clients


  • Linux Basic Level knowledge
  • VMware Workstation
  • CentOS 8 DVD iso
  • internet
  • Minimum 2 CentOS Linux 8 or RHEL 8 system if its virtual system also fine
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NIS Server with NTP and autofs on CentOS linux 8 /RHEL 8
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