.Net Core - WebSockets using SignalR

Real time communication can inprove your daily routine, software developer skills, your career and your life, lets learn

Course Description

In this course you will learn about WebSockets, this Wonderful technology that allows us to create new awesome features into our systems, bringing real-time communication into our applications, unlocking new skills, and becoming a new kind of developer. In this course, you can expect

  • Understand what is this technology

  • What kind of problem this tech solves

  • When is recommended to use

  • How to create a SignalR server and Client from scratch

  • Types of RTC Protocols

  • Real-world samples, more than just a chat

  • Lifecycle

  • Multirequest - Multithread

  • Scalability

  • Integrating SignalR into your existing Application

Along this exciting journey, we will also face the most common issues, horizontal scalability problems, concurrent properties (thread-safe), learn how to think outside of the box and become aware of thread-safe properties like Concurrent Dictionary, when to use it, and why this is important.

All this content is from my own experience, problems, and features that I've already overcome or implemented. This course contains all that I wanted to hear/learned before facing the issues that I had. if you have any further questions, if anything wasn't clear, or even if you're struggling with any specific point using SignalR, you will have my contact and feel free to reach out.

Also as a bonus, we will learn how to implement a docker image from our project, upload it to a registry and do a deployment, passing all the necessary steps to scale horizontally.

Ready to rock? Let's do it.


  • Understand the core principles about Real Time Communcation, What is WebSocket

  • See the differences between Protocols, Websocket, Long Time Pooling, Server sent events among others

  • What kind of problem does this tech solves, identify opportunities to use it, and when it is not recommended

  • Real-world samples, more than just a chat; How to trigger message to the client outside a SignalR Hub;

  • Understand the lifecycle of the connection and how to maintain

  • Vertical vs Horizontal Scaling, how to scale your SignalR Application Horizontally

  • Integrating SignalR Into your existing application

  • Bonus: How to create a docker image, configure an affinity cookie with NGINX Ingress and scale horizontally


  • Good understanding of the C# Language is recommended.
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.Net Core - WebSockets using SignalR
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  • 55 Lectures
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