Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning Master Class

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Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning Master Class

A Complete Guide to Building Deep Learning Models for Natural Language Processing in Python

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Course Description

* Mike's courses are popular with many of our clients." Josh Gordon, Developer Advocate, Google **

The machine learning engineer is the single most in-demand job on earth, according to top job board indeed. 

Welcome to Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Master Class.

You are inundated with text, from books, papers, blogs, tweets, news, and increasingly text from spoken utterances. Natural language processing is the area of study dedicated to the automatic manipulation of speech and text by software. It is an old field of study, originally dominated by rule-based methods designed by linguists, then statistical methods, and, more recently, deep learning methods that show great promise in the field.

Who is this course for? 

This course is for developers that know some applied machine learning and some deep learning. Maybe you want or need to start using deep learning for text on your research project or on a project at work. This course was written to help you do that quickly and efficiently by compressing years worth of knowledge and experience into a laser-focused course of hands-on tutorials.

What are you going to Learn? 

  • What natural language processing is.

  • What deep learning is and how it is different from other machine learning methods.

  • How to prepare text data for modeling.

  • How to develop distributed representations of text using word embedding models.

  • How to develop a bag-of-words models.

  • How to author a neural sentiment analysis model for automatically predicting the class label for a text document.

  • How to develop a neural language model, required for any text generating neural network.

  • How to design a photo captioning system to automatically generate textual descriptions of photographs.

  • How to develop a neural machine translation system for translating text from one language to another.

This course is a hands on-guide. It is a playbook and a workbook intended for you to learn by doing and then apply your new understanding to your own natural language projects. To get the most out of the course, I would recommend working through all the examples in each tutorial. If you watch this course like a movie you'll get little out of it. 

In the applied space machine learning is programming and programming is a hands on sport.

Thank you for your interest in Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Master Class.


What will you learn in this course:

  • You'll have a complete understanding of NLP specific to Deep Learning
  • You'll learn how to properly prepare text for NLP models
  • How to develop a Bag-of-Words model
  • How to develop a neural language model
  • You'll develop a photo captioning system and generate textual descriptions
  • Create a neural machine translation system for translating text from one language to another


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • You have a solid foundation in programming in Python
  • You know basic NumPy for array manipulation
  • You have a solid understanding of machine learning principles
  • You understand the basics of deep learning
  • You know the basics of convolution neural networks
Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning Master Class


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

3 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 01:39 01:39
  • play icon Course Overview 01:38 01:38
  • play icon Is this Course Right for You? 01:47 01:47
6 Lectures
Data Preparation
6 Lectures
8 Lectures
Word Embedding
6 Lectures
Text Classification
6 Lectures
Language Modeling
9 Lectures
Image Captioning
10 Lectures
Neural Machine Translation
5 Lectures

Instructor Details

Mike West

Mike West

About me I've worked with databases for over two decades. I've worked for or consulted with over 50 different companies as a full time employee or consultant. Fortune 500 as well as several small to mid-size companies. Some include: Georgia Pacific, SunTrust, Reed Construction Data, Building Systems Design, NetCertainty, The Home Shopping Network, SwingVote, Atlanta Gas and Light and Northrup Grumman. Over the last five years I've transitioned to the exciting world of applied machine learning. I'm excited to show you what I've learned and help you move into one of the single most important fields in this space.

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