Name the type of mirror used in the following situations.
(a) Headlights of a car.
(b) Side/rear-view mirror of a vehicle.
(c) Solar furnace.
Support your answer with reason.

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(a). Headlights of a car:

Concave mirrors are used as reflectors in the headlights of cars. In the headlight. the bulb is located at the focus of the concave mirror and so, the light rays after reflection from the mirror travel over a large distance as a parallel beam of high intensity.

(b). Rear-view mirror of vehicles:

convex mirror is used as a side/rear-view mirror of a vehicle. A convex mirror always forms virtual, erect, and diminished images irrespective of the distance of the object.

Since the image is diminished, it enables a driver to view a large area of the traffic behind him.

(c). Solar furnace:

Concave mirrors are used in the design of ‘solar furnaces’.
The concave mirrors are converging mirrors. They focus the parallel sun rays at a single point called the focus.
The solar furnace is placed at the focus of the large concave mirror called a reflector. The concave reflector focuses the Sun’s rays on the furnace and a high temperature is achieved.
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