Name any two effects of electric current.

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Two effects of electric current are as follows:

1.  Heating Effect of Electric Current - 

As the name implies, the generation of heat due to electric current is known as the heating effect of electricity. When an electric current is passed through a conducting wire, it starts heating. This is the heating effect of electric current.

Example - Electric Kettle, Water Heater, etc. 

2. Magnetic Effect (Magnetism) of Electric Current - 'Hans Christian 

Oersted' was a Danish physicist and chemist who discovered that current-carrying wire produces a magnetic field around it, and it was the first connection found between electricity and magnetism. 

When an electric current passes through a long coil or a solenoid, a magnetic field is formed around it. This electromagnetic field is equivalent to a magnetic field around a bar magnet. Therefore, a current-carrying long coil or a solenoid act as a bar magnet which are known as electromagnets. 

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