MVC Dot Net & Web API Dot Net Core - Practical

Practically learn MVC , Web API

  Nikhil Mittal

   Web Development, Development, .Net

  Language - English

   Published on 01/2022



In this course we are intending to guide you through basics of MVC Dot Net and basics of Web API Dot Net Core. Here in his course we will take you though actual practical sessions and theory related to those practical. We will not bore you with long lectures and non ending sessions instead you will directly jump on to practical from scratch for MVC as well as Web API. We will also take you through session of how to use postman software for Web API Requests and other than that we will also be covering practical of JWT Authentication and Authorization for Web API. We will practically demonstrate you all these and you will also see some of the basic problems I will be facing during the project creation and coding of these practical and how I actually go and solve those using dry run of code and also I will demonstrate you how to use internet for learning by demonstrating one topic session using Internet. After this course you would know the practical application development basics for MVC Dot Net and Web API DOT NET Core. You can learn the theory from any book however major difficulty is faced when you actually try to implement the learning so in this course you will be learning the implementation.

What Will I Get ?

  • You should be able to actually implement codes in MVC , Web API, Postman, DB CRUD with security after the course


  • C#, HTML, JavaScript(Basics)
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MVC Dot Net & Web API Dot Net Core - Practical
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