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MongoDB For Absolute Beginners
A complete guide to learn MongoDB from Scratch

    • MongoDB Overview
      9 Lectures
    • Add MongoDB to Node.js Server
      10 Lectures
    • Data Modeling & Schemas
      9 Lectures
    • Operations
      21 Lectures
    • Advanced Usage
      5 Lectures
  • Description

    Thanks to the storing, indexing and load balancing, MongoDB has become one of the most powerful and used databases in the world. This database is also free and is classified as a NoSQL database program which uses JS Object Notation (JSON) like documents with Schemata. It is also very flexible, comparatively faster than any other DB, good for handling huge data and is the first choice for scaling. 

    Some of its high-end users are IBM, The Gap, Uber, Google Search, MTV, Craigslist, eBay and others. Because of various factors and increasing demands for the MongoDB experts, various developers are interested in learning this technology. And this is where this online tutorial becomes important.

    What makes this course valuable?

    It is carefully curated so that students can gain all the essential concepts of MongoDB from basics to more advanced concepts like database sharding or replication. This online tutorial will also teach you about local databases and connecting to cloud services. Lastly, it is packed with several exercises and labs for every topic which will make you more proficient in MongoDB. 

    This course includes-

    • Installation and connecting with Node.js server-side
    • Connecting to cloud services
    • Mongo shell
    • Mongoose library and adding promises
    • Adding error handling
    • Data modeling and schemas
    • Testing, indexing, and replication
    • Quizzes and labs
    • And much more!

    Don’t wait! If you are interested in learning MongoDB, then begin with this online tutorial today!

    What Will I Get ?

    • Learn the foundation of NoSQL database development
    • Learn to use MongoDB from ground up
    • Learn to use MongoDB in your projects


    • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and NodeJs will be helpful in completing the course
MongoDB For Absolute Beginners
This Course Includes :

05:33:29 Duration

54 Lectures

Lifetime Access

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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