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Microsoft Teams: Discover How to Collaborate Online for Work

Created by Ermin Dedic, Last Updated 14-Aug-2020, Language:English

Microsoft Teams: Discover How to Collaborate Online for Work

Teams, Channels, Calendar, Planner & More — This Course Provides 2-Hours of Content on Working Remotely with Microsoft Teams

Created by Ermin Dedic, Last Updated 14-Aug-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • The benefits of Microsoft Teams to collaborate remotely
  • Utilize a simple system to structure your company/team inside of MS Teams
  • Teams Fundamentals: Discover Teams and Channels
  • How to Invite And Add Guests
  • How To Collaborate With Colleagues Within Channels
  • How To Use The Calendar For Meetings (In Detail)
  • How To Use Microsoft Planner To Create Plans And Utilize Them in Teams
  • How To Solve The Most Common Problems When Using Teams


  • Please have a Microsoft 356 subscription (Business Essentials or higher) if you want to be able to follow along with all components of course content.
  • You can also acquire the free version of Microsoft Teams, however, it may not include all aspects covered in the course content.


Establishing a reliable and effective way of communicating and collaborating online has never been more important. Microsoft Teams: Discover How to Collaborate Online for Work is a walk-through of Microsoft Teams that considers best practices and offers practical advice. If you don't want to be left without options if you are not able to run your business affairs without stepping inside the physical location of your business. As an employee, you also want to be prepared to work from home. This course starts from the fundamentals and works way up. Teams will allow you to collaborate at a high level even when you can't or don't see your colleagues in-person.

Main Sections in Course:

Teams, Channels and Conversations - The base of Teams

Beyond Teams/Channels - The other components that make up Teams (Chat, Calendar, Apps, etc)

Microsoft Planner - a visual way to organize teamwork

Troubleshooting - Common problems addressed

Course Content

Ermin Dedic

All Things Data.

I have a passion for anything data, whether it is applying statistical methods to data more generally, or utilizing a data-driven approach in the Healthcare or Finance/Banking industries.

I studied Psychology for 6-years, including 2 years of Graduate school, where I was training to be a Child/School Psychologist. I had an opportunity to experience a blend of course work and clinical work but also recognize some of the problems facing the mental health system and graduate school system. 

While I did ultimately decide to voluntarily leave the Grad program, it is via academics that I fell in love with statistics and statistical software like SPSS/SAS.

It was my Graduate school experience that solidified my interest in teaching, and where I received a lot of great feedback on my teaching and teaching style.