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Microsoft Azure Tutorials Step by Step

Created by SHIVPRASAD KOIRALA, Last Updated 01-Nov-2019, Language:English

Microsoft Azure Tutorials Step by Step

This course will teach you Microsoft Azure Tutorials in Step by Step manner.

Created by SHIVPRASAD KOIRALA, Last Updated 01-Nov-2019, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • C# developers who want to use Azure as platform.
  • Developers who want to get familiar with Azure platform.


  • Development knowledge on C# and .NET programming
  • Hands-on on Visual Studio, Good Internet Connection


Following are the labs covered in 8 hours: -

Lab 1: - Azure, Cloud, SAAS, PAAS and IAAS.

Lab 2: - SQL Server on Azure (DTU & EDTU)

Lab 3: - Azure Functions.

Lab 4: - Azure storage (Blobs, Table, File and Queue).

Lab 5: - Azure Cosmos DB.

Lab 6: - Microservices & Azure Fabric in 90 Minutes.

Lab 7: - Azure tables, Partition and Row keys.

Lab 8: - Block blobs, Append blobs & Page blobs.

Lab 9: - Azure Queues , visibility timeouts ,Peek & De-Queue.

Lab 10: - App services and Cloud services

Lab 11: - WebJob and background processing

Lab 12: - Azure DevOps Using Azure Pipleline.

Lab 13: - Micro Services Using Docker And Azure.

Lab 14: - Virtual Network (Vnet) And Network Security Groups (Nsg).

Lab 15: Function Apps and Serverless Concept.

Lab 16 - Logic Apps.

Course Content


I love recording Step by Step tutorials

My name is Shivprasad Koirala ( thats my young time photo) , I love teaching and learning , I started QuestPond website 15 years back with the one single goal creating quality step by step IT programming related lessons.

I saw many lessons online , either they are done too fast or too slow or are too complicated.

The main goal of Questpond is to create Step by Step lessons on C#, ASP.NET , Design  patterns , SQL and so on. As years moved on i added other step by step lessons like Angular , Sharepoint , MSBI, Azure and so on.