Microsoft Excel Training Course With Tips and Tricks

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Course Description

The Microsoft Excel (Ms-Excel) application is one of the many applications in the Microsoft Office package. Ms-Excel is used in offices, schools, and organizations to create financial and accounting sheets and documentation such as balanced sheet, profit, and loss profit. You can also add some graphics and designs in your worksheet or documents.

Course Objectives

In this Ms-Excel course, we will utilize a practical or hands-on approach to show how you can create simple Excel documents or worksheets or workbook with pre-formatted texts, tables. You will learn the skills of creating tables, adding designs to your workbook. You will also learn to do some financial calculations at the end of this course.

Pre-Requirements and Target Audience

The course is designed for both beginners who do not have any prior background in Ms-Excel, and for intermediate-level people who also wish to extend their practical/hands-on skills and knowledge.

To achieve or fully take advantage of this course, you need to have some prior knowledge of Windows operating system environments.

It is important you have a laptop or desktop computer with the Ms-Excel application installed, preferably, a laptop with Windows 10 and with Office365.

Course Modules / Structure

  • The Course is divided into 5 Modules:
  • Module 1: Introduction and Microsoft Excel Environment
  • Module 2: Working with Workbook, Worksheets, and Cells
  • Module 3: Entering and Editing Text
  • Module 4: Formatting Text, Layout and Designs
  • Module 5: Working with Charts, Pictures, Formulas and Functions

Finding the Course (Modules) Contents

For each module, a number of videos are made available. These guide you step-by-step through the course. If you have issues with the course materials, please send us a feedback.

NOTE: Your Review is Highly Valued

We value your feedback, please leave us a review after finishing the course, it will always be appreciated for future improvements.


  • You will be able to start MS Excess application and understand its environment

  • You will be able to create and work with Workbook and Worksheets from scratch

  • You will be able to edit and format text in your workbook

  • You will be able to work with Layout and Designs

  • You will be able to create and work with Charts and Pictures in your workbook

  • You will be able to use Formulas and Functions


  • Basic knowledge of using a windows operating system interface like Windows 10 or any other windows

  • Ensure you have MS Excess installed on your laptop or computer via Microsoft Office package (e.g. MS Office 365 or any other)

  • A laptop or desktop computer

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Microsoft Excel Training Course With Tips and Tricks
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