Microsoft Excel : The Complete Guide

Learn from scratch to advance


 "Ms-Excel: The Complete Guide"  course fulfills the requirement of all students either beginner or advanced. The student will learn Excel from scratch to advance. The following topics are covered:

  1. Purpose of Excel 
  2. write and edit the data
  3.  Text and  Maths functions and formulae
  4. Data & time functions
  5. Pivot table
  6. sorting and table formatting
  7. Conditional formatting 
  8. protect worksheet and workbook
  9. organize the data
  10. Vlookup and hookup
  11. Static & DynamicCharts
  12.  Subtotal the data and goal seek
  13.  Manage multiple windows and freeze panes
  14. Insert and import data
  15.  Macros
  16. Create forms

What Will I Get ?

  • How to write & edit in Excel along with the formatting of data.
  •  How to implement the math and text functions on data and string respectively.
  • How to find the specific data from very large data using vlookup and hlookup.
  •  Draw static charts and automatically change charts using dynamic charts.
  • Highlight the specific data based upon the condition using conditional formatting.
  • Make a summary or organize data using a pivot table.
  • Save the actions using macros and do the work automatically.
  • sorting and advance sorting
  • many more......


  • Basic and fundamentals of computers
  • Computer with Windows 7 onward

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