Mastering Linux Command Line

Most required skill on the DevOps/Cloud Job Market! Course is geared towards beginners & works as refresher for experts!


   IT & Software, Operating Systems, Linux

  Language - English

   Published on 11/2020



The course teaches you the Linux Command Line fundamentals, and take you on a journey with a good learning experience. We have also included few videos that guide you to setup your own Linux VM and also a Linux EC2 instance in AWS cloud!

Linux Command-line:

  • You will learn to work with the Linux files and folders!
  • You will learn to navigate the Linux File System efficiently!
  • You will learn to create our own command to save time!
  • You will learn to create links & understand their limitations!
  • You will learn to use many Text Processing commands!
  • You will learn to use many commands effectively - ls, cd, grep, find..... etc
  • You will learn to Standard I/O and Redirection with all concepts around it!
  • You will learn to use "su" and "sudo" commands!
  • You will learn to work with file attributes and permissions!
  • You will learn to edit files using the "vi" editor!
  • You will learn to schedule jobs!
  • You will learn to archive files & folders using tar command!
  • You will learn to customize your bash shell!


  • You will learn to install VirtualBox, create VM and install ubuntu OS!
  • You will learn to create AWS account!
  • You will learn to create Linux EC2 instance!
  • You will learn to SSH into your Linux EC2 instance!

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn Linux Command Line from basics
  • Learn Linux File System & Navigation
  • Learn to work with file attributes and permissions
  • Learn vi Editor with practical usages
  • Use "cron" to schedule tasks
  • Learn various text processing commands to work efficiently
  • Learn to create your own AWS Linux EC2 instance to practice
  • Access to Live Linux Lab environment!


  • The course is geared towards a Linux Beginner!
  • For experienced Linux Users - This course might work as a refresher!
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