Mastering XPath and CSS Selector for Selenium

Constructing Effective XPath and CSS Selector

  Krishna Sakinala

   Automation Testing, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Testing Framework, CSS

  Language - English

   Published on 03/2022



This is the only XPath and CSS Selector course which will cover all the information which is needed to find the elements/dynamic elements while automating any web application using Selenium or Appium. The reason behind making this course is, if you know how to construct XPath or CSS Selector then you are 50% success in writing your automation scripts.

I made this course very elaborative to construct your own XPath and CSS Selector to find the elements on the web page.

This course will cover what is XPath, XPath Types, XPath Terminology, XPath Syntax, XPath Operators, XPath Methods, XPath Indexing, XPath Axes, What is CSS Selector, CSS Selector Types, Methods in CSS Selector and Wildcards in CSS Selector etc...

For each and every XPath and CSS Selector, I tried to give appropriate example to demonstrate. So, that it will be very clear to you to understand and implement the same in your work with out any issues.

So, what you are waiting for !!!! please enroll and get the knowledge.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what is XPath and CSS Selector.
  • What is the use in Selenium WebDriver with XPath and CSS Selector.
  • Types of XPath and CSS Selectors.
  • Methods available in XPath and CSS Selector.
  • Full knowledge on how to construct XPath and CSS Selector when there is no proper attributes available.
  • Difference between CSS Selector and XPath.

What Will I Get ?

  • Beginners with no knowledge on XPath and CSS Selector can become master.
  • Manual Testers who wants to step into Automation (i.e. Selenium WebDriver).
  • Selenium testers who lacks in XPath and CSS Selector knowledge will get more knowledge.
  • Selenium testers who wants to enhance knowledge in writing XPath and CSS Selector.


  • Minimum HTML knowledge.
  • Minimum Selenium WebDriver knowledge.
  • Minimum Testing knowledge.
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